Dear Friend.
Compliments of The Day.

Please find time to read my message. I got your contact in the course of
my search for a reliable person to assist me in this lucrative and
confidential transaction. I want to seek your consent as a reliable
Foreign Partner to handle a transaction involving the transfer of an
inheritance fund valued £4,700,000.00 Million Pounds sterling (Four
Million,Seven Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling) to a safe foreign account,
This transaction is 100% legitimate, There is no Risk involved and the
fund is not connected with arms,terrorism, drugs or money laundering.

I am Mr. Dexter Edward,a Scottish and the Computing auditor of Deutsche
Bank Edinburgh, Scotland-United Kingdom.

During Last year January 2013, My Bank committee on Inheritance
settlements approved and disbursed over £250,000,000.00 Million British
Pounds sterling for inheritance payments entitlement to foreign Heirs of
Late depositors unclaimed funds account at my Bank, for the entire Europe
and United States, Some beneficiaries were successful paid from year 2013
to this present day of the year 2014.

This indicates that beneficiaries whose relations died and left over
monies in their various Bank accounts with my bank here in
Edinburgh,Scotland-United Kingdom, has been paid successfully, while there
is a left single unclaimed inheritance worth £4,700,000.00 Million Pounds
sterling (Four Million,Seven Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling) outstanding
in my bank office auditing files that has never been claimed by anyone
hence there was no present specified written NEXT-OF-KIN in the late
depositor’s deposit account file left.

I am contacting you to assist me to claim this fund into your Bank account
in your country to prevent my bank from reverting the unclaimed
money/deposits in UK treasury and Reserve account after June 10th, 2014,
since there is no next-of-kin found yet today, You will be given 50%
percent for work done, while i take 50% percent for myself for an
investment project in your country, by the time you received this money
into your bank account safely, This transaction is very safe and 100%
percent Risk free,

Lastly, I want you to understand that this transaction requires trust,
honest and above all, utmost confidentiality, for security reason’s.

Reply back to me immediately through this email address [ ] to enable us proceed further and claim the


Mr. Dexter Edward.
Computing Bank Auditor
Deutsche Bank Edinburgh, Scotland-UK.


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