Dear Customer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,103

Dear Customer,

I am Richard Adams ,I am charge of International Remittance Department,AGM,Credit Control Unit. i have this privilege information for you having the sincere wish to help you receive your payment,it is very disappointing and unfortunate that you have not receive your payment until this time.

Therefor Do you promise to pay 20% of your $45.5 million contract money into my escrow account if am able to facilitate the bank to transfer of your $45.5 million contract money into your account within 7 banking working days? Completely legit and not being charged for money laundry or drug money payment.

IF you agree to my term just say YES by replying through my email ( with Contact Details to get proceed which I will assure you that is the simplest thing to do in order to get your money without delays or questions asked or encountered

Sincerely yours,
Richard Adams
International Remittance(Credit Control Unit).


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