Internal Audit, Monitoring, Consulting and Investigations Division
From: Mrs. Carman Lapointe Young.

To: Fund Beneficiary,

This is to officially inform you that sequel to the recent high rate of criminal acts like scam, fraud, impostors and drug trafficking in Africa and sub-African regions, the United Nations secretary-general has delegated me (Mrs. Carman Lapointe Young, (ex CIA, CCSA, CFE)) as the Internal auditor, monitoring & investigation division of the Office of the Internal Oversight services (OIOS). I was delegated and nominated to come down to Nigeria to make sure that fund beneficiaries like you get their funds because the rate at which fund beneficiaries are being treated in this country is not good, some of them has lost everything they have, rendered homeless and some declared bankrupt because the top bank officials continuously ask beneficiaries to pay/send money to them as they claimed that they are from one big offices & will help you get your fund but all these was just lies and deceit to make you believe them.

I am also aware that you have been sending money and has been dealing with hoodlums, scammers, fraudsters all in the name that they are helping you to get your fund for years now but all has been plans to rip you off of everything you have ever worked for, I came into this country and went straight to check your payment plans to find out that your file has not even been opened for years, but these hoodlums came to know about your fund when then Central Bank of Nigeria was set ablaze and therefore every of the payment file was destroyed, the evil workers started contacting the some of the beneficiaries and extorting money from them without any tangible payment plan.

Sincerely, as I investigate into your payment file, I discovered that the top Nigerian & British officials/banks that was supposed to pay you rather decided to embezzle the fund, divert it to their personal account and they are working with some top political officers to frustrate you but you must be rest assured 100% that once I hear from you with the required details, you must get your fund because the United Nations and the president of the country wants you to get your fund before the end of this month.

Your urgent response to this message will be appreciated by this department.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Carman Lapointe Young,
United Nations Under-Secretary
General for Internal Oversight Services.


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