Confidential: Treat as important

For confidential reason I have attached a letter. Read and act appropriately.

Attachment: Confidential Letter.rtf

Dear Sir/Ma.

I barrister J Adams, an attorney to Mr. James Bendon, who died here in Dubai U.a.e five years ago, but leaving no one as an inheritor to his assets. And his death was as a result of an auto crash along one of the highways here in Dubai U.a.e. He has a certain amount/asset (money) in his Domiciliary Account at the National Bank of Dubai U.a.e, which I was notified and was requested to produce my late client’s next of kin for the claim.

I had been searching for a relative of my late client without any success in the past one year until their last letter which appeared that they will confiscate the funds if not claimed, eventually his personal banker in the bank is a good friend of mine, he has advised me to look for who stand as my late client next of kin, (even if he or she you is not related to my late client) in order to present you to the bank so that his asset will be transferred to you onto the agreement of sharing the money with you at the successful conclusion of the transfer.

My friend working with the, he will be providing us with the useful information that we will be useful in securing this transfer.

We will discuss the mode of sharing (it is going to be mutual for both parties) Confirm your readiness to be a partner by sending the following.

(1) Your full contact detail
(2) Your telephone and fax number(s)
(3) Your Date and place of birth
(4) Your Occupation
(5) Your your International passport or any of your Id

I expect to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Barrister J. Adams


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