Urgent reply needed

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Aisha Ali, the only daughter of late Mr Mohammad Ali from Libya. My father was a chief staff in Libya Oil Company and an aide to the late Gaddafi. My father died during the Libya civil crisis. My late father deposited US$12 million in a bank in London United Kingdom. Before his death, my father instructed me to look for a foreigner who will stand as my relative or partner and help me to get this fund transferred oversea and invest it.

Now the bank in London has issued me a mandate to get a partner and make sure that the fund is transferred before the account get confiscated.

I therefore beseech you for your personal/company account for this transaction hence you stand as my guardian/partner for the safety of the fund and myself.I will offer you 35% for your effort and input.

Send me your full name,mobile number and address to this my email address(aishaali01@hotmail.com) so that I I give you the contact of where the fund is deposited in London UK for further proceedings and more details.

Thanks and best regards.



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