The Errors In Your Payment File Number: WBDR079/A331/WA2012

From Desk of Mr. Azuan Abdul Aziz
The Senior Supervisor, Documentation Unit.
Asia Zonal Office Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Reconciliation Committee (WBADRC)

Following the debt settlement agreement reached between indebted Countries in Africa and the World Bank,in conjunction with the United Nations Organization.

A debt settlement Committee, namely World Bank Debt Settle Committee was inaugurated to handle debts owned by Some Countries in Africa to Contractors including those who were scam victims in Africa.

A total sum of USD40,000,000.000.00 (Forty Billion United States Dollars) was granted by the World Bank Governing bodies in conjunction with United Nations Organization, as Loan to offset and implement the debt settlement projects.

Those who are to benefit in this projects are contractors with delayed contract payments and foreigners who were victims of criminal activities such as internet scams and victims of kidnappers who lost their lives.

Your payment File Number: WBDR079/A331/WA2012 was presented to my desk, for screening and l discovered that Funds have already been allocated to be paid and transfer to you. As l searched deeper into your payment file l discovered that you never executed any Contract or did any of your relation died in Africa as to warrant any claim of inheritance, some of the documents l saw in your payment file were fake papers .Having made my discovery l refused to make it known to any member of the committees for confidentiality.

From the look of things, l realized that you have spent money in pursuance of the claim. l decided to contact you to have mutual business deal with you. With my position as one of the senior staff in this committee of debt settlement, l can rectify all the abnormalities in your payment file to enable you make a perfect and genuine claims, meaning if you agree with my conditions, the funds will be released and paid to you, but you must agree with the following conditions below.

(1)You must be someone to be trusted.l have a working reputation to keep intact therefore l need an assurance from you that you will not reveal this to anybody until the money is paid to you.

( 2) When l rectified the errors in your payment file, the total funds will be released to you, if you will agree to offer me 40% of the total amount l will use my position as one of the senior member of this debt settlement committee to perfect your file. And for your information you are to receive the money in one of the Asia Paying Center, close to your Country if you are not in Africa. There are over 10 payment Centers in Asia as follows, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and other Centers in Asia.

You will receive the money in any of the payment center in Asia. l will use my position as one of the senior members of the committee to make sure you will not pay any upfront fee while your file is here with us.

Please you must think and re-think before you reply this letter, if you think you can? get back to me on email: l wait for your immediate reply

Yours Sincerely
Mr. Azuan Abdul Aziz
Senior Supervisor ( WBADRC )
Asia Zonal Office Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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