This is Hon. Ebenezer Sekyi-Hughes, former speaker of the house of
parliament Ghana.

I am in need of a reliable Trustee to help me receive my 3 boxes of
consignments containing 86 MILLION GBP in the custody of British Embassy
in Tokyo Japan.

This present Ghana government is an opposition party, they trying to
accuse me of looting government treasury during my time in office and this
is the reason why I need a dependable and reliable partner to receive the
funds as my trustee to avoid any trace.
I am prepared to give you 30% of the total fund if you can help me receive
it without any trace.

All we have to do is to ask my attorney to issue you a Power of Attorney
and Change of Ownership certificate in your name because the fund was kept
or deposited with an open beneficiary mark to avoid any trace to me.


Hon. Ebenezer Sekyi-Hughes


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