Re:Online Job Offer.

Attn: Sir/Madam, On behalf of our Basildon Chemical Company located in Asia region and United Kingdom, we are requesting your company assistance to work with us as our company representative in your region in Canada and US and Europe. Our purpose of contacting you is that we find your details most satisfying to work with us as a means of getting payment from our customers in your region. Our company produce caustic Nicotine Acid / niacin and lot more. The various industries we cater to are: Glacial Acetic Acid, para-formaldehyde, magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, fused magnesia, Sodium Aside, super critical synthesis in carbon dioxide. So to this end we seek the assistance of individual or a company to assist us. The way it works is this; the board of trustees would determine your eligibility. If we find you eligible we then inform our owing customers/creditors that we have a payment officer in their region, they call you to ascertain and confirm a few facts and then they eventually make out payment to you and each payment made through you or your company, you will be entitle to 10% of the total amount paid to you. All you will be require doing is to receiving payment from our customers in your region and as you receive the payment you will deduct 10% of the payment as your payment and remit the balance to us. If we are able to build and sustain this business relationship (based on trust of course), then the frequency of the money will definitely increase. Please we would very much like to know if you are presently or previously been involved in this kind of venture. So we can really know how experienced you are in this endeavor or else we will have to send you step by step instructions as the transaction commence. And also you should kindly state the name of your company in which our owing customers will issue their payment through you. Should it be in your name or your company? Please state this in your next reply to my mail and we have your full details but we will like you to send us confirmation of your details below again. I would then pass these information and your contact details along to our customers and within a few days they would contact you and perfect modalities of getting the payment across to you. Please send to us the following information as follow. 1. Full Names: 2. Full contact address: 3. Sex: 4. Marital Status: 5. Age: 6. Phone number: 7. Present occupation: 8. Company Name: 9. Company contact Address: 10: Company Phone Number: Please be advised that we will have to begin the necessary process of approving you as our agent/partner on our receipt of your understanding and your sincere abilities. I will endeavor to contact you via the phone number you have provided. Thanks and hope this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial business relationship. I hope to have informed you correctly and wait to hear from you soon so I can advise you on the very next step to take in this endeavor. Note: This will not require you to spend a single cent from your personal pocket or company pocket and all expenses will be made from the company funds. Thanks in advance, Thomas Cook.


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