Did you send any one to pick your fund?.


With reference to the approval of your inheritance issued to us and in
pursuant to the foreign payment act,laws/treaties(payment intact to the beneficiary) we have been instructed to release your total sum by a certified Cheque to you.There is no instruction to change the ownership of the fund to your Brother DIANA Gino.

There is no time we were instructed to transfer your money to the account of Mrs Johnson (your sister)who you just authorize to pay your fees and collect your money on your behalf without any formal information to us.

The bank especially this Commercial bank that deals with foreign
inheritance fund have rules of payment.We cannot release the money to her. Tell her that I said ,,,,…….
It is completely illegal to transfer the ownership of your fund to your sister Diana Johnson ,change your address under 24hrs without telling us .That you don’t have the fee is not a guarantee for you to instruct
transfer of the fund to your sister. We have no problem and will release the money to her but we need your letter of agreement made with her or power of attorney by which you authorized her as your next of kin to change your name,pay the fee and receive your funds for you in her own name.

Please,call me immediately or email me on :udemluke2012@rocketmail.com
with the accredited above to enable us complete and effect the payment to her designated name/address nominated to us Thanks but NO thanks to send your sister(as your Representative) without our information.We cannot release the money to her unless we hear from you.

I remain,

Yours faithfully,
Dr Udem Luke


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